The Events

The Events we organize

The Concept Big Brands Carnival

CONCEPT BIG BRANDS CARNIVAL was conceived, conceptualized and organized for the first time in 2004. It started off just as one of event, today has become our flagship marketing and revenue generating event. With an impressive brand recall in U.A.E. our sale experiences an average footfall of 12,000 prospective customers each day with revenue to average footfall ratio standing at an impressive 62% – 64% per event.  


The consumer trade show which is being conducted is a result of an extensive market research from a customer feed back of 400,000 out of which 75% of customers with an earlier exposure and experience of Concept Big Brands Carnival. The main pull of BEE EVENTS ME is selling off high-end luxury products at a price affordable to the general mass as well as class. Word of mouth has always been our best customer referral program and now we have the internet.